Don Villarejo

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Photo by Bill Gillette

Current Interests and Activities

Agricultural Labor Relations Board, State of California
Training regional Attorneys and Field Investigators regarding research methods applicable to agriculture, current developments in California's labor-intensive agriculture, and interviewing hired farm workers.

Aguirre Group
Member of Advisory Committee on the evaluation of the Agricultural Worker Health and Housing Program of the Rural Community Assistance Corporation and The California Endowment.

Annual Review of Public Health
Preparation of an invited review paper on the general topic "Migrant Farmworker Health Issues," to be published in Volume 24 of the journal (May 2003).

Division of Labor Statistics and Research, Department of Industrial Relations, State of California
Preparation of a research paper, "Labor Market Intermediaries in California Employment."

University of California, Davis, Department of Human and Community Development
Collaborative research project with Professor Miriam Wells on the topic, "The Impact of Employer Sanctions on Labor Rights."

University of California, Davis, School of Law & Journal of International Law and Policy
Invited paper presented at the Symposium, "Borders, Migration, and Trade: The Impact of International Law and Policy on Local Communities," January 25, 2002.

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